'Ol Skool Bikes
1983 and Earlier
1979 XL
1974 Honda 750 Chopper
Triumph 500 with 5 Spoke Invaders
1960 Harley FL with Bolt-on
Sprocket/Brake Drum Combo
8 Spoke Invader Rear
650 Triumph circa 1970
Egyptian 6 Spoke
circa 2500 B.C.
Definitely . . "Old Skool"
The first Biblical mention of the chariot is in Genesis 41:43 (New International Version), in which the Prophet Joseph was tooling around Egypt making the local bar seen.
Note the bolt on drum brakes
Circa mid 1970's Invader wheel ad.
1951 Pan Head - Pix taken in 1976 - Invader 5 Spool Front and Invader 5 brake/sprocket Rear. Photo courtesy David Levesque
Inflation has sure has gone up!!!!!